Incredible Dream Machines Review - Are You The Next Millionaire?

Incredible Dream Machines Review - Are you going to be the next Millionaire in the Crowdfunding business industry? See how you can become successful fast...

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incredible dream machines review

How Does The Incredible Dream Machines Created by Greg Jacobson and Tim Godfrey Work?

First of all, thanks for stopping by at our review of the Incredible Dream Machines. If you are savvy business owner looking for the best way to make huge pile of money, if you are affiliate marketer who is looking to get out of the small affiliate payout rat-race or a person who just want to start up a real business with huge ROI – Return On Investment without large upfront cost, without any experience and without taking months to become successful, you need to sit down and read every word on this review page.

Here at site, we do not review crappy products or write reviews about them. So we believe that what it is written here is the most honest Incredible Dream Machine review you can find online. And trust me, there will be a lot of marketers trying to tell you whole a lot of crap in order to sell this powerful money making program to you.

Even though we know that if you apply everything what is taught in this crowdfunding business model you will be able to create 6 figure or even 7 figure business launches without being the inventor of the product idea yourself, we understand that not everyone will like this business model.


So before you jump on board of the Incredible Dream Machines, you should know all about crowd funding and how you can take a simple idea to generate money fast.

What is Crowd-Funding and How You Can Generate A Whole New Level for Your Business

If you are not living under the rock, you are probably aware of sites like or where any business person with idea but no investment capital can post his or her project and people from all over the world can help that business person to raise the necessary starting capital for that particular project.

Currently it is 1.9 Billion Dollar marketplace and it’s where the future millionaires and future business brands will be born.

And do not worry, crowdfunding its not for “techy guys”, “inventors” or “smart geeks”!

Actually after reading this page and watching the incredible videos, you will know why this myth is holding you back right now to become the CEO of new and lucrative business model.

Basically crowdfunding is now the best thing that exist for a average Entrepreneurs like myself and yourself and its very accessible for us to create incredible dream businesses to profit from handsomely.

Actually this business model did not even exist in 2007 and not even mobile phone Apps businesses where not existent. Look at today’s Google Play marketplace or even Apple iTunes! It generate billions upon billions to smart business owners who saw the opportunity and took all the steps necessary to create phone apps.

Now, you and I can all start a new life, start new business and generate nice income for yourself or your family. Crowdfunding is becoming the “Dream Business Model” and now you can take the full advantage of it before somebody else does.

Watch the $6 Million Bicycle Video to Get An Idea on How Crowdfunding Can

The best part about starting a business via crowdfunding is that it does not matter what you are doing currently. If you have affiliate sites selling bunch of affiliate products for $35-150 payouts a day or if you do eBay business or maybe even Amazon FBA business. You can easily use the crowdfunding concept to generate much more revenue, traffic and of course profit. Otherwise without profit, why waste your time and efforts, right?

If you are currently not doing anything, but have a strong desire to start a business, we believe that crowd-funding can be the perfect launch pad for your business success.

To illustrate what we mean, here are couple of screenshots from a successful crowdfunding campaigns, so you can see that the money generated via this new concept are not just couple hundred bucks, and yes folks… this is a REAL BUSINESS!

Incredible Dream Machines - Million Dollar Ideas


Isn’t it awesome?

I have never seen anything like this before. The old school of doing any type of business always was to have the capital before doing business. But with crowdfunding, you can now easily get the capital necessary to start your new business. And that is what it is all about.

What Is The Incredible Dream Machines Course and Why You Need It?

Incredible Dream Machines is simple a unique and already proven business model that will teach any potential business owner to start from scratch and develop a Million Dollar Business that will all be done through creating successful crowdfunding campaigns.

greg jacobs-tim godfrey Incredible Dream MachineIt was created by two of the most successful online marketing experts Greg Jacobs and Tim Godfrey. If you have no idea who these two guys are, you need to know that these marketers are only few people who sold over $40,000,000 dollars in online sales!

Both of these mentors worked on the Incredible Dream Machines for over 3 long years. They do not come up with a How to make money online products month after month like many so called internet marketing gurus, who only make money from launching courses after courses.

But they really work on a project and only if they make it work, they will come up with an effective method that will teach you to successfully implement it without any risks, headaches or loss of effort.

Now, you might think that crowdfunding is easy and that you can just create any campaign on crowfunding sites, but that is far away from the truth.

Not all campaigns will become successful and many of them raise up only couple hundreds of dollars. Of course that is not enough to launch the project and make nice profit.

So Greg Jacobs and Tim Godfrey came up with something more than just a simple “how to do crowdfunding” course.

Their scientific turnkey process is a new generation of crowdfunding your business ideas and bringing them up to the reality.


Watch the Videos on How Greg and Tim raised over $110K in 1 day … which went on to generate over $500K in pre-orders

Basically this is the fastest and easiest method that you can find online about building a real business in a matter of weeks, not months or years!

If you become IDM member, you:

  • won’t need any experience with crowdfunding
  • won’t have to purchase any inventory
  • won’t have to build anything manually
  • won’t have to know anything about marketing or traffic generation
  • won’t have to become a geek in order to invent some new product

But what you will learn is how to outsource products directly from the manufacturer and market their product with a small twist to people on crowdfunding business platform.

Here is how the little twist can be done:

Crowdfunding business ideas

See how easy it could be?

The products are already out there, you just need to know where to look and how to create a successful crowd-funding project, which is essentially what you will master when you will become member of IDM.

Greg was able to raise $110,000 in under 24 hour period using the same concepts. Here is the flow of how he did it:

incredible dream machine crowdfunding business model flow

incredible dream machine crowdfunding business model flow


Of course it is not easy to build a Million Dollar Business from scratch if you have lack of experience. But do not worry. Greg and Tim have created an Achievement Tree system, where a big bites of tasks are done through smaller more achieveable steps, so at the end, you will be able to accomplish the larger tasks.

Remember: How to eat a big Elephant? One bite at the time, right?

Apply it inside the Incredible Cash Machine and you will be well on your way to create the Million Dollar Business you have ever dream of.

This system, combined with the world-class training, personalized support and the critical pieces of Software that cover elements such as:

  1. Niche and product research
  2. How to get customers and engage them for maximum profits
  3. Free traffic generation steps

As you can see, this all make Incredible Dream Machines the biggest Sure-Thing to come along in years for people who want to start their own business with minimum risks!

Incredible Dream Machines Review – What Exactly You Can Expect From This Inside The Members Area?

So the first thing we need to say is that IDM is first and foremost an here is what you can expect.

1 – THE DREAMERS PATH – An 8 week Detailed Live training… the A-Z of crowd funding from niche research to sourcing to lead gen to launch to follow up, delivery and going big time.

2 – SOFTWARE – Greg and Tim have “hacked” a niche research formula that basically finds gaps with high value unexploited products in the crowd funding marketplace that you can basically just “walk up” and take and profit.

3 – GREG’S ROLODEX – Though his experiences in the industry he has direct emails and phone numbers to the buyers for almost every major retail chain and distributor in the USA and Europe. If your Product has the Chops, he will intro you to people that can put your product on the shelves for hundreds of millions to see in the big box stores. This if nothing else is already worth the investment as one phone number, one warm intro email from Greg Jacobs can bring your product to the 8 figure yearly sales level. This is more than a Gold put into your hands!

4 – COMMUNITY ANCHORS – The team of 12 community mentors to “live” on their IDM user forums to help and guide you all the way from scratch to your success.

5 – ACHIEVEMENT TREE – And you thought “badges” were cool. Guys at IDM do understand that putting together a 7 figure crowdfunding campaign has LOT ’s of moving pieces and the devil gets lost in the details.

In order to help you progress to the top, they have programmed a progress tracking Achievement Tree in which it shows each one of the many tasks required to launch a successful campaign and requires you to check off your accomplishments before moving to the next step.

This is a proven powerful educational technique that allows an impenetrable mountain to moved one little piece at a time.

And much more…
We really think that for any serious business person out there, this course is an absolute goldmine and we hope that our Incredible Dream Machines review really helped you to understand this Billion dollar industry and you will take advantage of it.

Watch The 4 Parts Video Course That Will Teach You How to Get from ZERO to 8 Figures in as LITTLE as 6 Months!

Here are some screenshots from people reviewing this on Facebook — Real people, Real Proof!

incredible dream machines reviews

incredible dream machines reviews

Do not delay! There will be a lot of people trying to get the hands on this and you never know how many new Entrepreneurs will be allowed to take this opportunity.

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